(BCA Full Form: What is BCA Full Form?  बीसीए का फुल फॉर्म)

(BCA Full Form: What is BCA Full Form?  बीसीए का फुल फॉर्म)

BCA Full Form is “Bachelors in Computer Application.


BCA degree program is a three-year course for those who want to explore into the arena of programming languages. A BCA degreeis the most preferred path to a career in information technology. The level of BCA is equivalent toB.Tech or B.E in computer science.

BCA is one of the most searched technical programs due to the rising need for IT professionals both locally and internationally. Databases, data structures, programming paradigms, networking, and other essential subjects linked to computer applications are all covered in this three-year course.bca full form

There is a persistent demand in the market for skilled tech enthusiast because the IT industry is expanding its wings into every field, from business to medical. Universities have introduced a feasible alternative in the shape of BCA for people who are interested in pursuing a career in this subject or who don’t want to pursue a regular B.Tech.

Those who enjoy computers and want to learn more about how they work, as well as the software, hardware, and related tools and technologies, can do Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA).

There is a high need for IT specialists globally due to the fast expansion of the IT sector. Students learn about computer principles, programming languages, database administration, networking, web design, operating systems, and other subjects during the duration of the programme. BCA graduates have a wide range of employment opportunities, and they can work in both the public and private sectors.

Eligibility Criteria for BCA:

The requirement for eligibility for BCA is the completion of 12th grade from a recognized board or institution. Students can apply for admission to BCA program from both science- and non-science-related backgrounds.

Some institutions base their admission decisions for BCA programs on previous academic performance, while others have entrance exams. Depending on the institutes’ admissions policies, an interview test may be conducted after the entrance exam. You may find here all the information that a BCA candidates need to know, like the requirements for admission, the curriculum, the potential career paths, job descriptions, etc.

The Highlights of the BCA Course:

  • BCA is a three-year undergraduate program that includes a semester-style exam.
  • The applicant must have passed the 12th board exam from a recognized university or a diploma course (a two- or three-year course) after passing the 10th board exam.
  • Candidates with backgrounds in business or the arts may also apply for the course.
  • Some universities have admission exams to register in BCA courses.
  • The candidate’s age should not be less than 17 years.
  • Different institutions and universities have different requirements for BCA eligibility.

BCA Admissions:

Both the entrance exam and merit are applied to determine who is admitted into the BCA program. The students’ marks in senior secondary exams are taken into consideration for merit-based admission into the BCA program. Admissions are made for the BCA program based on these marks and available seats. There are many entrance exams, including the IPU CET, BUMAT, AIMA UGAT, and SUAT, for admission to BCA programs. In certain institutions and institutes, these admission exams are followed by individual or group interviews.

BCA Syllabus and Market Place:

Database management systems, computer architecture, operating systems, web technology, software engineering, and languages like C, C++, HTML, and Java are all included in the BCA syllabus. The demand for BCA graduates is rising constantly as a result of the rapidly expanding IT industry. After completing a BCA degree, students will have excellent work possibilities at renowned firms like Infosys, Oracle, IBM, and Wipro.

Not just private businesses but also government departments hire BCA graduates. Many computer specialists are being hired by government departments including the Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, and Indian Army for their IT divisions.

(What is IT Full Form): (IT Full Form)

Main Subjects for BCA:

Although you will study a vast array of topics during the duration of the program, the following are some of the most fundamental BCA course topics:

  • Computer fundamentals.
  • Programming in C.
  • System of operations.
  • Systems for multimedia.
  • Behavior inside Organizations.
  • Database and data management program.

BCA Subjects As Semester wise:

Semester BCA Subjects


1.     Basic Mathematics

2.     Fundamentals of IT & Computers

3.     C Language Lab

4.     English Communications

5.     Digital Electronics



1.     C Language Advanced Behavior

2.     Advance C Programming Lab

3.     Operating Systems and Fundamentals

4.     Advance Mathematics

5.     Organizational Behaviour



1.     Software Engineering

2.     Database Management System

3.     DBMS and Web Technology Lab

4.     Web Bases Applications

5.     Open Source Technology




1.     Introduction to Linux

2.     Web Designing

3.     Object Oriented Programming

4.     Data Structures

5.     Elective



1.     Java Programing

2.     Python Language

3.     Advance Java and Python Lab

4.     Software Engineering-II

5.     E Commerce and Marketing



1.     Project/ Dissertation

2.     Application Development

3.     Information Security

4.     Artificial Intelligence

5.     Elective



BCA Specialisation:

The BCA program offers specialisations in the following categories to undergraduate students.

  • Internet technologies
  • Computer graphics
  • Database management
  • Music and video processing
  • Programming languages
  • Personal information management
  • Word processing
  • Systems analysis
  • Accounting applications
  • Animation
  • Computer graphics

Job Profiles and Salary after completing BCA:

Sr # Job Profile Description Approximate Salary
1 System Analyst A System Analyst is a person who analyzes system problems, evaluates and helps in providing system solutions. Rs. 3 –Rs.6 lacs per Annum
2 Software Developer Software Developers are responsible for developing a software application to do a specific task. Rs. 3 –Rs.8 lacs per Annum
3 System Engineer A System Engineer is a person who provides technical support and other IT services for desktop, server and networking servers. Rs. 4 –Rs.8 lacs per Annum
4 Database Administrator A Database Administrator maintains the data in the computer server and provides security to the database. Rs. 3 –Rs.8 lacs per Annum
5 Business Analyst A Business Analyst analysis business opportunities, strengths, weaknesses and strengths to start and operate a business smoothly. Rs. 3 –Rs.6 lacs per Annum
6 Web Developer Web Developers are responsible for the coding, designing and creating layouts of a website for the user interface. Rs. 3 –Rs.5 lacs per Annum
7 System Administration System Administrators are responsible for the maintenance and configuration of servers and computer systems. Rs. 3 –Rs.5 lacs per Annum
8 Web Designer A Web Designer designed the layout and functions for the website. Rs. 2.5 –Rs.5 lacs per Annum
9 Software Tester Software testers test the bugs through manual and automatic processes for any software or application. They are responsible for quality assurance during the software development cycle. .Rs. 2 –Rs.4.5 lacs per Annum
10 Junior Programmer A Junior Programmer is a person who writes code and assists the development team in developing software applications. Rs. 2.5 –Rs.4.5 lacs per Annum




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