(What is PCS Full Form?):(PCS Full Form)

(What is PCS Full Form?):(PCS Full Form)

PCS Full Form: The Provincial Civil Service is full form of PCS, is an administrative civil service in the executive arm of the Government of Uttar Pradesh that falls under Group A state service. It also serves as a feeder service for the state’s Indian Administrative Service.

PCS officers serve in a variety of capacities at the sub-divisional, district, divisional, and state levels, including tax administration and law and order enforcement. The cadre-controlling authority of the service is the Uttar Pradesh Government’s Department of Appointment and Personnel. The PCS is one of three feeder services to its respective All India Services, along with the Provincial Police Service (PPS) and the Provincial Forest Service (PFS).

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Which is higher IAS or PCS?

Without a doubt, IAS is superior to PCS in terms of pay, advancement, and overall career prospects; however, because PCS is superior to many other government jobs, a candidate should consider applying for PCS as well, as the chances of passing the PCS exam are significantly higher than those of the IAS exam.

What steps do I need to take to become a PCS officer?

Candidates must have a Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university or an equivalent certification in order to take the PCS test.

What jobs are covered by PCS?

The following is a list of the positions available in the UPPSC PCS 2021 examination:

  • District Commandant Homeguards,
  • Deputy Collector,
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police,
  • Block Development Officer,
  • Assistant Regional Transport Officer,
  • Assistant Commissioner (Commercial Tax),
  • Treasury Officer/Accounts Officer (Treasury),

Is PCS and PSC the same?

PSC stands for Public Service Commission, and it is the entity in charge of administering exams in each state. PCS stands for Provincial Civil Services, and they are recruited through the State Civil Service Commission’s State Civil Services test (SPSC).

Is it possible for a PCS officer to get to the rank of DM?

To become an IAS officer, PCS officers had to go through a series of promotions. If he is not promoted to IAS level because to a lack of recommendation, he will be assigned to a post equivalent to DM.

What is the rank of a PCS officer?

PCS officers serve as supplementary divisional commissioners at the divisional level. Most divisions have two to three of these positions, with the most prevalent being Additional Commissioner (Development), Additional Commissioner (Revenue), and Additional Commissioner (Operations) (Executive).

Is the SSC and PSC the same thing?

SSC offers employment in the federal government, whereas state civil service tests offer administrative positions in the state government. State PSC is preferable because it provides you with a job in your hometown and, second, it allows you to spend less money in your hometown. The State Public Service Commission provides a respectable government position.

Is it possible for PCS to become IG?

You will be promoted to DSP after passing the state PCS exam. After that, DIG gets promoted to IG after three years.

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